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Accordionist | composer

Rik Cornelissen is an innovative and versatile accordionist and composer. He lavitates between jazz, tango, latin and classical music and is always searching for new sounds and possibilities. As a composer he mainly writes for his own groups in which he works. Rik studied Classical music, Argentinian Tango at Codarts in Rotterdam, Jazz & Pop at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Arnhem, Advanced Accordion performance and Alexander Technique at the Accademia Fisarmonicista Italiana in Urbino (I).


Rik is a professor and lecturer at the ArtEZ University of Arts in Arnhem (The Netherlands) for BA and MA Accordion Jazz & Pop, band coaching and research supervision for the Masters Music Theater and Bachelor Jazz & Pop. In addition, Rik has his own teaching practice, has been associated with several music schools and regularly gives workshops.


As a PhD-candidate in Artistic Research, Rik is affiliated with the Catholic University of Leuven and the prestigious Orpheus Institute in Ghent (B). His doctoral research focuses on characterizing the accordion, (re) positioning the improvising accordionist and explores the possibilities of using the free-bass system in jazz.

26jun8:00 pm10:15 pmBert van den Brink & Rik CornelissenJachtslot Mookerheide, Molenhoek

01julAll DayPerrOngeluk (muziektheater)Tongeren/Hasselt (B)

02julAll DayPerrOngeluk (muziektheater)Tongeren/Hasselt (B)

05julAll Day07Summer Course: ImprovisationArnhem, Rik Cornelissen & Armand van Wijck

07augAll DayPerrOngeluk (muziektheater)Roermond/Venlo

08augAll DayPerrOngeluk (muziektheater)Roermond/Venlo

20sepAll DayLou (muziektheater)Voorstelling

22sepAll DayLou (muziektheater)Voorstelling

13octAll DayLou (muziektheater)Voorstelling

14octAll DayLou (muziektheater)Voorstelling

15octAll DayLou (muziektheater)Voorstelling

01nov8:00 pm10:30 pmHeleen Schuttevaer Trio, feat. Rik Cornelissen (guest)Jazz at the Northsea, Scheveningen

04mayAll DayLou (muziektheater)Voorstelling




The Trifid nebula, a region in our Milky Way, is an unusual combination of three spacial events. The young energy field is constantly in motion and can be seen from Earth as a colourful and bright phenomenon.


TRIFID researchs and explores the unique fusion of accordion, vibraphone and double bass. The result is an exciting and intense perspective of something which can be described best as a spirited, yet serene and intimate, energy field full of lyricism and mystery.


Rik Cornelissen | accordion
Vincent Houdijk | vibraphone
Maciej Domaradzki | double bass


“Tocar” (Spanish) means to touch, to feel, to handle, to contact, to sound, to play… the music of Tocar is about the joy of life and sensuality. Music that seduces you and touches you with the excitement of the unknown, the desire to relax and have thrilling experiences at the same time. The space you experience in nature, the freedom you feel while travelling. A warmth that embraces you and a breeze that caresses you.


Tocar displays a musical openness and it keeps exploring and crossing musical boundaries: tango, latin, jazz… Tocar is inspired by music from Astor Piazzolla, Bill Evans, and Chick Corea. Different genres are mixed together, just like mixing herbs and spices in an exotic dish.


Rik Cornelissen | accordion
Wim Warman | piano
Taco Nieuwenhuizen | bass
Enrique Firpi | drums


Curious, always following my own ideas, well considering, creative, forming my own identity and views and most of all enthusiastic. These values characterise the musical journey which I have undertaken from the moment I started studying the accordion. Although respecting the traditional sounds, whether classical, jazz, tango or latin I’ve always been searching for a piece of ‘me’ in the music. Rik considers himself a nomadic musician, always traveling, always on the move and to a certain extent not fully embedded anywhere. A solo concert drifts from style to style in search of freedom, excitement and beauty.

Other projects

Rik is or has been involved in various projects and bands as a sideman or studio musician. He played the music for the Paul Verhoeven film ‘Zwartboek’ and the theater show ‘NU!’ from Mini & Maxi and was ensemble leader of the Opera-Zuid & Lowland production ‘Prins op het Witte Paard’. As a sideman he has worked with Ruud Houweling, among others, and is active in Egon Kracht’s’ New World Quartet ‘and Jeen Rabs” Catch my Kitsch ‘.


Rik Cornelissen
Witteweg 28
6587 AK Middelaar
+31 (0)6-24 22 96 90
KvK: 09207447

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